The Origins Of A Daily Photo Journal

Origins of a Photo Journal

Years ago when I came to settle in Annapolis Maryland I became captivated by what seem to be a symbiotic relationship between the city’s citizens, it’s deep rooted history and the maritime environment that was never quite out of sight nor my mind. These characteristics of Annapolis combine to form for me something along the lines of a way of life, one I must admit that I had never encountered in the many places that I called home in the past. As the years went on here in the city and my experiences became more influenced by these three characteristics I began to realize just how special of a place that Annapolis really was.

Statue of Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney On The State House Grounds in Annapolis Maryland November 11th 2012

Statue of Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney on the Maryland State House Grounds

So it has come to pass that my Annapolis Experiences became grounded in this newly discovered lifestyle which in turn has led me to create & publish the Annapolis Experience Blog at the beginning of 2011. It certainly was not something that simply came to me the first time that I saw a large sailboat make the turnaround at the end of Ego Alley in one gently turn of the wheel nor was it when I sat on a bench on the State House grounds and watched the sun break over the steeple spire at St. Mary’s Church.  No for a number of years prior to publishing my first blog post I walked and wandered the many neighborhood districts of Annapolis meeting fellow my citizens, the local merchants, community representatives as well as a number of guests to our city. My walks took me past the contemporary waterside homes of Eastport, up Duke of Gloucester Street by Georgian Style grand brick buildings over two hundred and fifty years. In the warmer summer month I enjoyed walking along the tree lined streets in the Murray Hill Neighborhood up from Spa Creek. Yes there was so much to see and even more to experience I thought each time that I headed out the door of my house for another walk. During each of these walks I brought my camera so as to capture images of these things that I was experiencing for myself that perhaps I would come to look at sometime in the future.

It was during these times of exploration into the city neighborhood wards, meeting even more people and heading out on the Severn River making my way to the Chesapeake Bay that I began to realize just how many great experiences that I have had here over the years in Annapolis. Perhaps, I thought, there is some way or medium for me to share what I saw, heard and experienced with others. such as when I strolled along a 300 year old historic street marveling at three colonial era London style town house, perhaps when I participated in the fun at the Green Beer Races that had been held at a neighborhood political club or maybe others might like to read about my time spent some with a life long city resident talking about the past when local Bay boats were launched as well as repaired along the waterfront in Eastport.

So it was with these thoughts in my mind that the Annapolis Experience Blog was conceived of and finally launched early last year. It is with both words and images, along with a little bit of this publisher’s passion mixed in for good measure – actually a lot of it, that one can read about as well as see these Annapolis Experiences for themselves right here in Maryland’s Capital City on the Chesapeake Bay.

Annapolis Sailing School Practicing on the Chesapeake Bay Sunday May 8th 2011

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Everyday we create new blog posts for you our readers that depict yet another slice of life in Annapolis Maryland whether it be by the water, on a historic street, at one of our many eateries or enjoying one of the many festivals and events held here in the city throughout the year. In addition to our regular daily Picture of the Day posts we also publish featured, and at times in-depth, articles on events and topics in the city that brings the Annapolis Experience more clearly into focus.

Sailboats, historic sites and a diverse friendly group of residents is one way that we would describe to people what makes Annapolis Maryland such a great place to visit and live. Actually we are paraphrasing what a Annapolis City Alderman once said – “Annapolis is made up of water, history and people”. Those words struck a very deep chord with us a few years back when we first began to work on the Annapolis Experience Blog project.

The Peggy Stewart House circa 1761 on Hanover Street In Annapolis Maryland

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Having moved to Annapolis years ago we found that there was a lot of credence to the term that we kept hearing bantered about – the Annapolis Lifestyle. Annapolis is a way of life not just a place to live or visit. Here on the Annapolis Experience blog you, our guest, can walk historic streets, stand on the Annapolis City Dock watching the sailboats make their way out to the Severn River, take in a festival or parade, enjoy some great food as well as meet some of our citizens.

Colonial Attired Gentlemen Walking Along State Circle in Annapolis Maryland

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So welcome to the Annapolis Experience blog and to Annapolis, Maryland’s Capital City on the Chesapeake Bay – a great place to visit, a great place to live!


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  • Glenn,
    Love you web site. Folks are always e-mailing me asking me about Annapolis, where to stay, where to eat?? I’ve put a link to your blog on my blog page… Now they can get all that great information from this great web site!


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