Annapolis Experience Blog Picture of the Day – Waterfront Residences Along Spa Creek Early On A Summer Morning – Saturday August 13th 2011

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Water Front Homes on the Eastport Side of Spa Creek In Annapolis Maryland August 13th 2011

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For some of us Annapolitans we seem to find that during these warmer months getting up and out a bit earlier than at other times of the year is replete with benefits. For it is during these early morning hours here in Annapolis that we find ourselves enjoying a quiet moment together well before she opens her doors for visitors.

Spa Creek is a body of water gated by the 6th Street Bridge located here in Annapolis Maryland. Today the area is lined with docks, boats, marinas, water front homes and historically it was the destination where early colonist came to secure better harbor facilities off of the Severn River. Now in these early hours of the day one can gaze out over the same body of water that these early settlers of our city did and greet a new morning.

Morning has broken over Spa Creek in Annapolis Maryland,


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Waterfront Residences On Spa Creek Early On A Summer Morning
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Waterfront Residences On Spa Creek Early On A Summer Morning
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