Annapolis Experience Blog Picture Of The Day – Observing Veterans Day In Annapolis Maryland – Friday November 11th 2011

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Picture of the Faces Of Valor USA Car In Annapolis Maryland Veterans Day November 11th 2011

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Annapolis Maryland like many other cities, towns and communities around the country, will be observing Veterans Day to honor past and current military personnel who have served our nation in times of conflict.

In Annapolis the City Government along with the Fleet Reserve Club of Annapolis will be holding a ceremony at Memorial Circle – near the traffic circle at the end of Main Street, at 11 AM in honor of Veterans Day.

Patriotism as well as remembering and honoring those who have served our great country over the years should not be something that is expressed but just once a year. In that same school of though I would like to take a moment to mention a member of our community who honors those who have served as well as protected our county thorough out the year and that individual is Mr. Ted Levitt. Of course most Annapolitans know Ted as the proprietor of Chick and Ruth’s Deli on Main Street. What you might not know is that Ted founded the non-profit Faces Of Valor USA foundation to honor as well as assist the hero’s of our community including service members, public safety personnel and their family members. Pictured above is the foundation’s car with the faces of some of our fallen hero’s painted on the vehicle. A car that one can see around the city throughout the year to remind us of their sacrifices.

A number of gifted writers and observers will speak more eloquently than I can about this most solemn of national day of remembrance however I would like to take this moment to thank all of our veterans, both past and current, who have served to protect our country through out the years. On a personal note I would especially like to thank the veterans that I served with during the era of the Vietnam War and also the families of Lt. Colonel Howard and Major Dowd who sacrificed everything for their country.

May our service personnel who might find themselves in harms way this very day find peace on the horizon and a safe journey home to their families.


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Veterans Day In Annapolis – Faces Of Valor USA Car – Ted Levitt of Annapolis – Chick And Ruth’s Deli
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Veterans Day In Annapolis – Faces Of Valor USA Car – Ted Levitt of Annapolis – Chick And Ruth’s Deli
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