Annapolis Experience Blog Picture Of The Day – A Red Maple Tree In Autumn • Woodward Hall At St. John’s College – Wednesday November 30th 2011

Autumn On Campus

A Red Maple Tree In Front Of Woodward Hall St. John's College In Annapolis Maryland November 30th 2011

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We at the Annapolis Experience Blog seem to be fortunate enough to find trees and shrubbery in places around the city that still display these beautiful Autumn colors even this late in the season. Some of you might recall that we had a Picture of the Day post back in the Middle of October showing the change of color in the leaves of a Red Maple tree on the grounds of the State Capital and here we are today, almost in December, having just seen a Maple tree that is only beginning to wear it’s colorful coat.

It has been an visually rewarding journey for us this Fall as we experienced the change in the hue of the leaves on a number of trees throughout the city with each one seemingly possessing it’s own color personality beginning with the first tinting of the leaves up until they seem to explode into those vibrant Autumn colors. We saw the original shade of green that the leaves of a tree had prior to their change, then the transitional color they assumed and finally the bright colors that the leaves projected just before the beginning of their gentle decent to the ground.

At times it seemed that the date of a trees leaves changing color could be determined not only by the particular type of tree that they were on but also as to where it was located within the city. We observed that the Red Maple trees at the State Capital for the most part changed earlier than the the ones on the campus of St. John’s College.

The more spindly ones along the sidewalks of Main Street seemed to change and drop their leaves in a matter of a week around the beginning of October. Those on Charles, Market and Conduit Streets seemed to have had their own particular schedules as to when to change colors as did those at Fleet Street Park or even in Murray Hill, Eastport or Bembe Beach.

I realize that tree maintenance, soil conditions, alignment to the sun, exposure to chemicals – supplemental or non, and the availability of moisture throughout the year has had a great deal to do with the changes that a particular tree will exhibit yet it seemed clear to us that each tree assumed it’s own unique seasonal color cycle over these last six weeks regardless that it was of the same variety. Ah the wonder and complexity of nature!

This Red Maple tree in front of the Barr-Buchanan Center & Woodward Hall building on the campus of St. Johns College in Annapolis just recently achieved it’s vibrant red color here at the end of November while most of the other trees on campus have already shed their leaves on the ground.

Enjoy the Autumn weather here in Annapolis today and perhaps you too might be able to find one of these remaining colorful trees of the season,


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Barr-Buchanan Center and Woodward Hall At St. John’s College In Autumn
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Barr-Buchanan Center and Woodward Hall At St. John’s College In Autumn
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