Annapolis Experience Blog Picture Of The Day – The Newman Street Park Or A Possible Future Compromise Street Parking Garage – Tuesday February 21st 2012

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The Newman Street Park Or A Possible Future Parking Garage On Compromise Street In Annapolis Maryland February 21st 2012

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Annapolis Maryland has always been a city with a commitment to neighborhood parks and open spaces even when some of their locations might have been situated on a commercially valuable piece of real estate. Today the citizens of my city are faced with just such a situation as Mayor Cohen and members of the City Council are exploring alternatives to the group of unsightly parking lots adjacent to the City Dock so that some of the asphalted surfaces there can be possibly reclaimed for use as more public/pedestrian friendly spaces.

While the public debate on parks versus development can at times be an emotional one for both politicians and citizens alike it sometimes helps to frame such debates with a picture not just with words, promises and expectations. This is the reason that today”s Annapolis Experience Blog Picture of the Day is one of a current picture of the Newman Street Park located at the corner of Newman and Compromise Streets. It is possible that this city park, recreational area and the playground behind it as well as the Anne Arundel Public Schools parking lot adjacent to it could become the location for a four or five story combination office, retail along with a parking deck structure encompassing a prolonged stretch of Compromise Street.

To some the vista shown in the picture above might not seem like much however it is important to keep in mind just what this corner lot represents first of all to the citizens of Annapolis who relax while their children play here and second to it’s overall contribution to the Annapolis Cityscape that our citizens as well as our visitors see from across the street via the City Dock and the Market House each time that they visit the Annapolis waterfront area. An example of what this view might just represent to our city is probably best depicted in a painting by the artist Carol Dyer called Annapolis Traditions – just click on the painting’s name to see her vision of this scenic area.

Public debate is great thing in a democracy such as ours and having ones voice heard on such matters that will have a noticeable impact on the overall image of our city for many years to come is not one to be silent about one way or the other.

As citizens of one of the most historic cities in the State of Maryland you should let your voices be heard on this issue no matter what your view is because the future of this small corner park is so very important to our residents, visitors and generations of Annapolitans yet to come.

Post Update at 7:30 PM EDT: It seems that based on the feed back that we have gotten so far about our post today from citizens, business owners and visitors to our city that by a 2/3 majority, of 205 messages received, that there is a fair amount of doubt that constructing such a facility on Compromise Street is not being looked upon very favorably. We will keep this post updated as to any comments that we receive in the future that might change this statistic.

On thing that I have found interesting is that in their feedback most citizens and business owners are reluctant to speak their minds in public which I find particularly disturbing given that this is not Syria but I understand the reasons for their positions on privacy. At the same time their comments also included references to the amount of money spent so far on the Market House project including the point that the city government is proposing to spend another possible $400,000 or so with a projected August opening. I believe that these are two separate issues however once again I can understand their point of view.

One notable group of comments that I would like to pass on to our readers is the question and/or comment – “where are the voices of the cities preservationist and the Historic Annapolis Foundation on this issue?”. My response is that perhaps there is more going on behind the scene that what the public knows about – at least I think that might be the case.


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