Annapolis Experience Blog Picture Of The Day – Making Ones Way Through Spa Creek With Friends – Wednesday May 2nd 2012

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Picture of A Power Boat Cruising Up Spa Creek On A Cloudy Day In Annapolis Maryland May 2nd 2012

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It was pretty much overcast throughout the morning here in Annapolis Maryland and I was a bit late in getting out for my first walk of the day due to some late night production deadlines that had to be met. Having found a place in which to take in a nice water view I sat on the seawall here at the end of Conduit Street drinking my coffee and was amazed at the amount of activity taking place in Spa Creek by mid morning. Sailboats were being readied for the season by their owners while still tethered to the mooring buoys in the creek as yet others moved through the water using engine power on their way out to the Severn River.

Of course there were also a few dinghys making their way along the shoreline across from me which was just about the time that I spotted this powerboat near the Eastport side of the Spa Creek with what appeared to be a full crew on board. Just like some of the sailboats that I mentioned above this powerboat also appeared to be heading out of the creek area and towards the river as well.

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Spa Creek In Annapolis Maryland – Eastport Maryland
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Spa Creek In Annapolis Maryland – Eastport Maryland
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