Annapolis Experience Blog Picture Of The Day – Sailboats Moored In Front Of The United States Sailboat Show One Overcast Morning – Wednesday Oct 3rd 2012

Annapolis Maryland Picture of the Day

Picture Of Sailboats Moored Off The City Dock And The United States Sailboat Show In Annapolis Maryland October 3rd 2012

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Well I was up with the chickens this morning, yes one can have chickens here in the City of Annapolis Maryland now that the city council voted to allow Annapolitans to have them, and on my way downtown by 6:45 AM to catch the sun, or actually the lack of it, breaking over the harbor. For you see the United States Sailboat Show begins tomorrow so a multitude of vendors, show setup staff and suppliers were already at work by the time I got to the waterfront this morning. Heck just leaving my house before 7 AM and I was passed by at least three dozen work trucks from the various maritime trades heading to the marinas early due to all of the final setup work needing to be done downtown at the show.

Even my morning schedule had four or five things that needed to get done before 8:30 AM which left little time for a walk much less for taking pictures. Anyway I grabbed a quick cup of coffee at the Harbor Deli in Eastport, as I talked to a couple of vendor representatives who were also there grabbing a breakfast sandwich to go at the same time, before I managed to take a couple of pictures of the Annapolis City Dock area at about 15 minutes or so after sunrise. No I could not see the sun at that point but the clouds were a lighter grey that was for sure.

Okay then I just got to the office and wanted to post this article before having to jump into a meeting so please have a great day and let the US Sailboat Show begin – well at least tomorrow anyway.


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United States Sailboat Show – Annapolis City Dock
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United States Sailboat Show – Annapolis City Dock
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