Annapolis Experience Picture Of The Day – A St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast And A Wee Bit Of Philosophical Perspective – Sunday March 17th 2013

Annapolis Maryland Picture of the Day

Picture Of A St. Patrick's Day Breakfast At A Downtown Annapolis Maryland Pub March 17th 2013

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

As the wearn’ of the green had become a more common sight here in Annapolis this morning I found myself joining with others, who were also out and about, in search of that first delectable Irish meal of the day and/or perhaps a pint of Dublin’s golden nectar to enjoy.

The lines, which are common place for this March holiday in recent years, were already in place at the pubs and taverns along West Street where revelers dressed in various styles of Irish apparel waited to enter and join in the celebrations. Music could be heard emanating from inside of those establishments as more groups of celebrants scurried along the sidewalks heading to either their first, or in a noticeable number of cases, second stop of the morning.

As for myself I was simply looking to have a traditional Irish breakfast, enjoy a Guinness and take in some crowd watching before this local holiday scene got a bit too rambunctious here in the city. I finally managed to find a seat at the bar inside one of our more established Irish themed pubs here in Annapolis where I quickly got the attention of one of the busy bartenders and ordered a pint as well as my breakfast – a practice that saves time in a hectic bar.

The crowds at this particular pub seemed to be enjoying the Irish ballads that the musicians were playing while the waitresses exhibited some tremendous dexterity as they swooped in among the packed tables setting down plates of food and glasses of beer while picking up the empty ones. This morning’s clientele was composed of families with children, groups of young people, what appeared to be a number of serious drinking older folks that were spread out among the tables and others standing and seated along the bar area.

After about 15 minutes my breakfast arrived and the bartender quickly set it in place and asked me if I wanted another Guinness. I said no thank you and quickly asked her how things were going so far this morning? She smiled and said to me “I have a job and I am on the right side of the dirt.”

With that observation of hers in mind I began to eat my breakfast and enjoy the music while recognizing that she certainly had a realistic outlook on things – didn’t she?

Well then I am almost done with this blog post and later I will be serving as the host for a traditional Irish dinner with my friends this afternoon so there is much to get done before hand.

If you find yourself out and about celebrating St. Patrick’s Day please be safe. Do not get behind the wheel of a car if you have had more than a modicum of drink. Of course also remember that your family and friends certainly want you to be around to enjoy this festive holiday with them in 2014 as well.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone,


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