Annapolis Maryland Blog Photograph • The Circa 1890s Woodward House And Former Holladay School In Murray Hill • Friday July 26th 2013

Pastel Hues and Shingle Architecture

Pastel Influenced C1890s Shingle Style Woodward House in Annapolis Maryland July 26th 2013

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I do enjoy taking a morning walk through the Murray Hill district of Annapolis what with its picturesque Victorian style residences found in an area bordered by Spa Road, West Street and the Spa Creek shoreline.

Having had covered most of the neighborhood by mid morning I stopped for a few minutes in front of this Shingle style residence for a short break. While doing so I began to recall its early history including when it was built – the late 1890’s. As was usually the practice for houses built during the 19th century they were often referred to by the family name who first occupied it. In the case of this residence there are two references associated with it the first one being the Woodward House – family name of the original occupants of the house. The second name used, less frequently over time, is that of the Holladay School.

The Holladay School served as a private elementary school run by Helen Woodward, daughter of the original owner of the house. Classes were held in the residence during the first half of the 20th century in classrooms located along the back of the house.

Today the building is a single family residence featuring its distinctive New England inspired Shingle Architecture to those who come across it in Murray Hill.

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The Circa 1890s Woodward House And Former Holladay School In Murray Hill
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The Circa 1890s Woodward House And Former Holladay School In Murray Hill
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