Annapolis Experience Blog Picture Of The Day – Someone Certainly Has Much To Say Here On The Streets Of Eastport Maryland – Saturday February 22nd 2014

Seen In Annapolis

The Tailgate Of A Pickup Truck Filled With Stickers On Chester Avenue In The Eastport District Of Annapolis Maryland February 22nd 2014

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Over the years I am sure that many of you have come across the sight of this older model pickup truck parked along the streets, usually the same one, of Eastport? Actually I am either walking or driving past it multiple times each week yet am not oblivious to any additions on its tailgate galley collection and actually look forward to seeing if there is something new.

In any event the owner of this Annapolis vehicle seems to use it as sort of a back drop in which to express themselves on a variety of topics, sometimes humorously, including politics, arts, local organizations, or simply places of interest that they have chosen to make note of for us to see. To many locals the owner’s visual expressions here simply represents part of the character that can be experienced in the Maritime Republic of Eastport.

I hope that you find an opportunity to get out and enjoy today’s weather,


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Pickup Truck Filled With Message Stickers On An Eastport Street
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Pickup Truck Filled With Message Stickers On An Eastport Street
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