Annapolis Experience Blog Picture Of The Day – He’s Irish Yet Has A Scottish Name • Hamish Macbeth Strikes A Pose In The Park This Morning – Thursday January 15th 2015

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The Irish Setter Hamish Macbeth Poses At Acton Cove Park In Annapolis Maryland January 15th 2015

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Quite honestly until this morning I had never heard of the name Hamish Macbeth even though I have been a fan of BBC television shows for many years. While walking in the Murray Hill district of Annapolis earlier today I met up with this very well tempered Irish Setter and his two legged friend at the park. After striking up a conversation with the taller of the two I inquired as to the name of his fine looking male Irish Setter. “Hamish Macbeth” he replied. Hamish well that sounds Scottish I said and he replied “yes as a matter of face it is. You see my eight year old friend here is named for the constable in the BBC Scotland TV series of the same name.” He went on to say that he and his wife watched the show on a regular basis in the past and decided to name their dog after the main character in the show as well as the show itself.

Well as I have said on more than one occasion you never know who you will meet or what you will learn walking in Annapolis on any given day.

Nice meeting you Hamish and enjoy your afternoon walk as well.



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Hamish Macbeth The Irish Setter Poses At Acton Cove Park
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Hamish Macbeth The Irish Setter Poses At Acton Cove Park
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