Annapolis Experience Blog Picture Of The Day – A Cold Winter Morning At Acton Cove Park • Marion E. Warren Memorial Bench – Saturday January 31st 2015

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Marion E. Warren Memorial Bench At Acton Cove Park In Annapolis Maryland January 31st 2015

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When feeling introspective, at least artistically, or perhaps contemplating a shift in creative direction I tend to seek out places of solitude and inspiration in which to reflect. Early this morning I returned once again to Acton Cove Park, having visited here less than two weeks ago, and sat on a bench directly opposite the one pictured above dedicated to photographer Mr. Marion E. Warren. The wind blowing off Spa Creek was brisk while the sunshine reflecting off the water’s surface was blinding at times. All in all it was going to be a cold yet sunny day in Annapolis.

I can not say if I experienced any moments of renewed understanding or creativity during my hour or so on the bench earlier today however I can attest to the fact that sitting on bare metal for a prolonged period of time can feel pretty damn cold in January that’s for sure.

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone,


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Marion E Warren Memorial Bench At Acton Cove Park
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Marion E Warren Memorial Bench At Acton Cove Park
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Actons Landing – Spa Creek – Franklin Street

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