Annapolis Experience Blog Picture Of The Day – Rainy Day Sidewalk Challenges and Not Quite True To The Eye On East Street – Saturday March 14th 2015

Annapolis Vernacular Residences

Royal Blue Siding Accented With A Yellow Door On East Street In Annapolis Maryland March 14th 2015

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Scurrying down East Street in the rain this morning I was concerned about the possibility of stumbling over one of the numerous cracks in the sidewalk while in search for the subject of today’s photograph. After years of walking the streets in Annapolis one becomes aware of the surface conditions beneath their feet. Not only have I worn holes in the bottoms of numerous pairs of Top-Siders and hiking shoes over that same period but have also managed to retain a detailed knowledge of just about every crack or uneven section of sidewalk or brick walkway in the City from lower Prince George Street to Amos Garrett Boulevard. So from my perspective East Street sidewalks can be a bit of a challenge, more so in the rain and definitely in the ice or snow.

Saturday’s photograph came about due to a let up in the morning rain as well as the presence of a good size crack in the sidewalk, more akin to the shifting of tectonic plates in the neighborhood perhaps. None the less I had paused for a moment which is when I noticed the deep or royal blue hue facade of the residence featured above. Certainly an almost text book example of mid to late 19th century Annapolis vernacular architecture yet it was tilted ever slightly to the right side. Yes the residence had indeed shifted at some point over the years, more noticeable in the sidewards pitch of the roofline and the vertical rise along the right edge of the facade. With no visible signs of cracks or separations in the front shingle style siding I looked more closely at them only to determine that they were made of asbestos. It is a good thing that they were not cracked or visibly damaged in anyway – nasty stuff.

Yes age takes its toll on just about everything from people to sidewalks to buildings, at least it seemed so to me this morning,


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19th Century Vernacular Residence Royal Blue Siding and Yellow Door
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19th Century Vernacular Residence Royal Blue Siding and Yellow Door
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East Street In The Historic District – Asbestos Siding

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