Annapolis Experience Blog Picture Of The Day – First An Early Morning Stop For A Blended Coffee Drink Then A Cruise On The Harbor – Sunday March 29th 2015

Patrolling The Harbor

A Coast Guard Vessel Patrols The Harbor After A Stop At Starbucks In Annapolis Maryland March 29th 2015

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While it was difficult to determine the exact type of drinks that the pilot and a crew member, the one sitting with their back to the cockpit, were having however between both the ubiquitous shapes of their cups and one partially visible logo it left no doubt as to where they had been procured from earlier in the morning.

In any event while it was still a bit too cold and windy for me to be out on the waters of Annapolis Harbor it did seem that the crew of this US Coast Guard vessel were enjoying their cruise.

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A Coast Guard Vessel Patrolling Annapolis Harbor In The Morning
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A Coast Guard Vessel Patrolling Annapolis Harbor In The Morning
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