Annapolis Experience Blog Picture Of The Day – The Chancellor Johnson House Circa 1720 • St. John’s College – Tuesday June 30th 2015

Early 18th Century Georgian Architecture

Chancellor Johnson House Circa 1720 St Johns College Annapolis Maryland June 30th 2015

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Over my years of visually documenting historical as well as noteworthy buildings and residences in Annapolis I never realized, until earlier today, that I had not featured a photograph of the historic Chancellor Johnson House on the campus of St. John’s College.

Featuring a Gambrel roof this former residence was one of the earliest buildings in the City incorporating that particular type of architectural design element. Constructed in 1720 on a Northwest Street lot near the Maryland State House it was purchased in 1778 by an Allen Quynn, Mayor of Annapolis 1773-1780, where he lived until his passing in 1821. In 1831 a Mr. John Johnson, Jr., who served as Chancellor of Maryland during the mid 1800’s, purchased the house where he and his family resided until 1918.

In the late 1930’s, over 210 years after its construction, the house was slated for demolition, a common occurrence in the City’s during those pre Anne St. Clair Wright days, but fortunately the building was deeded to St. John’s College which in turn had it moved a block or so to a location on campus just off St. John’s Street.

Historic architecture certainly abounds here in Maryland’s Capital on the Chesapeake Bay,


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Chancellor Johnson House At St Johns College
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Chancellor Johnson House At St Johns College
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