Annapolis Maryland Blog Photograph – 19th Century English Queen Anne Architecture Is Said To Have Influenced Frank Lloyd Wright – Tuesday August 4th 2015

A Multitude Of Architectural Styles

A 19th Century English Queen Anne and Eastlake Style Window In Annapolis Maryland August 4th 2015

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One of the great things about Annapolis architecture is there is such a variety of it to be appreciated and one can always learn new things about it. As an aside I believe that the majority of any newly discovered architectural or design elements that I happen to come across in the City are found on buildings that I have passed by dozens of times over the years, yet never came to recognize them at the time.

Earlier in the day I had finished a walk across the campus of St. John’s College and was in need of a cold drink however the sight of these front facing windows, featured above, on a 1879 duplex style building caught my eye. Actually it was not only the windows themselves but also the fish scale shingle siding set above it, extending across the entire second story facade as well, upon which my attention was also fixed.

Okay back to those double hung windows yes they were a tad different than most old windows that I normally come across however it was the fixed square stained glass ones above them that seemed to be of a familiar style. Then it came to me, yes those smaller square windows had a Prairie School style or influence to them and of that I was certain. Yet as I stood in front of the windows I was fairly certain that the structure itself had been built in the late 1870’s or early 1880’s well before Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie School style of architecture and design evolved.

Yes most certainly the building was Victorian influenced however even with the amount of bricks contained in the foundation and first story facade it was not Italianate in its architectural character for that I was sure. Remember that the setting is Annapolis and in the mid to late 19th century Italianate style buildings were quite popular so that is why I considered the possibility. In any event I found myself stymied as to building’s specific architectural style so I took a group of photographs, packed my camera and made my way over to Maryland Avenue in order to get that cold drink I had desired earlier.

Enjoying the air conditioned setting inside City Dock Coffee I began going through my collection of photographs of various Victorian style buildings that I had taken over the years. I came to the realization that today’s encounter was with that of an English Queen Anne style building that also features Eastlake School design elements. Wow I thought this is certainly a seemingly unique style of architecture in Annapolis and could think of only one other building in the City that matches it.

Well having identified the architectural style of the building I found myself thinking more about those Prairie School influenced upper fixed windows. As it turns out the duplex style structure was in fact built between 1878 and 1879 making it too early to have been influenced by the Prairie School of design. However after more thought it turns out that the English Queen Anne style of the late 19th century, referred to as American Queen Anne, influenced not only Frank Lloyd Wright but other noted early 20th century American architects as well.

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A 19th Century English Queen Anne and Eastlake Style Window
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A 19th Century English Queen Anne and Eastlake Style Window
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