Annapolis Maryland Blog Photograph – A Parking Spot On Charles Street In Spite Of A Sign To The Contrary – Thursday August 6th 2015

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A Bicycle Parked On A Charles Street Sidewalk In Annapolis Maryland August 6th 2015

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At first glance I missed the presence of this seemingly customized bicycle secured to the no parking sign while making my way up Charles Street earlier. Yes the architectural photographer in me was focused more on the rich blue color of the residence’s distinctive German Lap siding, as well as its deep red hued door and inner window trim, oblivious to any other visual elements. Certainly being overly focused at times does have its own draw backs.

Fortunately though I had stopped in front of the house to take a few photographs of this early 20th century Vernacular and Italianate influenced residence, where upon both the sign as well as bicycle came into focus as I worked to balance the building’s facade in the camera’s viewfinder.

I for one found the sight of this bicycle locked to the “No Parking Here To Corner” sign a visually humorous contradiction and a quaint Annapolis Historic District street setting as well.

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A Bicycle Set On A Charles Street Sidewalk
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A Bicycle Set On A Charles Street Sidewalk
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