Annapolis Maryland Blog Photograph • Faded Wallpaper and Period Millwork in a 1760’s Formal Parlor • Wednesday August 19th 2015

Window, Fireplace and Cupboard

The Parlor Or Reception Room At Primrose Hill Circa 1760 In Annapolis Maryland August 19th 2015

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At first glance this room might bring back memories of visiting the home of an old relative back when you were younger. Certainly the faded and stained wallpaper conveys such a setting although I am sure that one’s grandparents or great uncles house did not have 250 year old custom millwork of the kind seen in this room.

This photograph features the Parlor of a 1760 Annapolis Plan house – defined as having four rooms on each floor joined by central staircase, that I took as the redevelopment of both the land and this historical residence is about to commence. While not being privy to the developers specific plans for this 18th century Georgian style house it is my understanding that the house itself will not be demolished as additional residences are built on the land surrounding it. In any case I was afforded access to the house for the last eight months by its now previous owner so as to preserve in images both interior and exterior views as well as its historical architectural details.

Based on a bit of research the, from left to right, near full height window with its wooden seat, fireplace millwork – including the mantel, and built-in cupboard date from the third quarter of the 18th century. Specifically the almost room height double sash window is framed in Federal style molding while the raised panel window seat attests to the level of detail and expense that the owner used in the construction of the house. Next the fireplace mantel is of a Colonial Revival style while the firebox itself has been redone over the years however its shape and position remain original to the room. The last wall element includes both the upper section of a built-in cupboard located on the right side of the wall that features a carved seashell design upper arch while the lower cabinet door is that of a simple single raised panel.

Lastly the wallpaper in the room dates from the 20th century and the section of it missing above the fireplace mantel served as the location for a piece of contemporary art displayed by the last owner of the house. As to the baseboard molding it represents a more 19th century type and style.

Today’s featured photograph is one of 300 or so that I have taken this year and I am currently in the process of assembling a photo presentation featuring both the architectural and historical aspects of this grand 18th century Annapolis house.

Ah finally it seems that the sun has come out so enjoy the afternoon,


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Millwork and Wallpaper in the Parlor or Reception Room at the 1760’s Primrose Hill House
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Millwork and Wallpaper in the Parlor or Reception Room at the 1760’s Primrose Hill House
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