Annapolis Maryland Blog Photograph – Dr. William Bishop’s 1878 Working Class Rental Houses In The Historic District – Friday August 21st 2015

Vernacular Federal Architecture

Dr William Bishops 1878 Vernacular Federal Style Working Class Rental Houses In Annapolis Maryland August 21st 2015

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Walking past these attached 19th century houses one can not help but notice that the only real difference between them is the style of steps leading up to their respective front doors. Well they are also of different colors and the upper door transom on the blue house is divided into three sections as opposed to only two on the yellow one, but that’s me being overly focused.

Both houses, while independently owned today, look well maintained and still retain the vast majority of their original architectural elements. Built in 1878 as working class rental dwellings by Dr. William Bishop of Annapolis researchers classify them as being of a vernacular Annapolis Federal style, given their low brick foundations, tightly joined siding, simple framed windows, two bay wide facades, and low pitched metal shared roof. Actually though upon a closer examination the siding to my eye is that of a German lap type.

While the house on the right side was sold by Dr. Bishop’s widow in 1909 the one on the left remained in the Bishop family until 1973 as either a rental property or family residence. Consider checking out this identical pair of circa 1878 dwellings the next time you are walking in the Historic District.

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Dr William Bishops 1878 Working Class Rental Houses On Cornhill Street
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Dr William Bishops 1878 Working Class Rental Houses On Cornhill Street
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