Annapolis Maryland Blog Photograph – Spending A Pleasant Day On The Severn River Near Greenbury Point – Saturday September 5th 2015

Gathering Speed

A White Larson Power Boat Makes Speed On The Severn River Off Greenbury Point In Annapolis Maryland September 5th 2015

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Today’s featured photograph shows one of the ways people have to enjoy being on the water in Annapolis this Labor Day weekend. Seen here picking up speed near Greenbury Point the crew and passengers of this Larson cruiser appear to be enjoying the pleasant weather conditions, including comfortable northeast winds, while making their way along the Severn River.

Please remember that if you are spending time on the water this holiday weekend be aware of all nearby traffic whether it be sail, engine, or paddle powered and of course be safe.

Have a great weekend everyone,


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A Larson Power Boat Picks Up Speed On The Severn River
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A Larson Power Boat Picks Up Speed On The Severn River
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