Annapolis Maryland Blog Photograph • Halloween & Harvest Accents Adorn the Early 18th Century John Brice II House • Saturday October 31st 2015

Historical City Architecture

Harvest And Halloween Accents At The 18th Century John Brice II House In Annapolis Maryland October 31st 2015

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With its front iron fences and gate adorned in faux spider webs, as well as other eerie decorations, that will appeal to young trick-or-treaters, Mr. Brice’s early 18th century house innately projects the spirit of Halloween to those passing by mostly due to its historical ambiance and period architectural character.

In the photograph featured above pumpkins, along with corn stalks, are set on the porch steps of this 1727 residence as most of its roof and facade remains shaded from the early morning sunshine. All in all these holiday and harvest themed decorations at the John Brice II, or Jennings-Brice House as it has also been referred to over the years, is certainly representative of how Annapolis celebrates Halloween comfortably within the context of its more than 350 years of history.

One certainly will not see this type of an authentic historical setting in Colonial Williamsburg Virginia tonight during its own Halloween celebrations that’s for sure.

Have both a safe and most enjoyable Halloween everyone,


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Halloween and Autumn Decorations at the John Brice II House on Prince George Street
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Halloween and Autumn Decorations at the John Brice II House on Prince George Street
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