Annapolis Maryland Blog Photograph • Sands House on Prince George Street Circa Late 1600’s or Early 1700’s • Tuesday November 24th 2015

An Unobstructed View

Sands House Perhaps Circa Late 1600's or Early 1700's In Annapolis Maryland November 24th 2015

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With the three decaying Sycamore trees in front of Gibson’s Lodgings scheduled to be cut down I set off down Prince George Street this morning hoping to get a couple of photographs of the tree contractor’s crew in action. For you see those three trees have stood along the sidewalk in front of the inn for many years and their absence is certainly going to change the lower Prince George streetscape.

Anyway crossing over Randall Street I could see that there were road closed and no parking signs in front of me stretching all the way down the rest of Prince George Street to the waterfront. Chainsaws could be heard as the work crews were already cutting off the upper limbs of the afore mentioned three trees. Then it hit me there were no cars parked along the street, other than a couple of tree company trucks in the middle of the road further down. I could see that in front of the historic Sands House there was not one car, SUV, truck or tradesmen vehicle. In all my years of taking photographs in Annapolis there have always been vehicles parked along the stone curb in front of it, almost bumper to bumper 24/7 if you would. Cool I thought and immediately began sizing up the shots I wanted to take. With each click of the camera’s shutter it felt like I was scratching a sizable item off my photographer’s bucket list. It didn’t matter that the morning sunlight was too bright for I was simply happy to finally be able to get these unobstructed images.

Okay so for those of you not familiar with the Sands House let me say that researchers have come across evidence or traces of the house’s original building materials and architectural elements, possibly dating from the 1680’s or mid 1690’s during prior onsite field work. This would make the Sands House the oldest house, frame that is, in Annapolis Maryland. It is also noteworthy that the property the Sands House occupies today is located a good block away from the harbor yet when originally built it was quite near the waterfront. Finally it has been documented that in the very early 1700’s an innkeeper by the name of Evan Jones borrowed money from Charles Carroll the Settler (b. 1660 d. 1720) of Annapolis for the land and building, a mortgage if you would, at this same location on Prince George Street.

Oh by the way I did eventually get a couple of photographs of those Sycamore trees being cut down but more importantly I now have my unobstructed photograph of the Sand House,


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Sands House Circa Late 1600’s or Early 1700’s The Oldest House In Annapolis Maryland
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Sands House Circa Late 1600’s or Early 1700’s The Oldest House In Annapolis Maryland
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