Annapolis Maryland Blog Photograph – Autumn Morning Shade Across The Yard And Facade Of The 1907 Laura Harris Parsons House – Thursday December 3rd 2015

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Morning Shade Across The Front Of The 1907 Laura Harris Parsons House In Annapolis Maryland December 3rd 2015

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It seemed that this morning’s strong winds in Annapolis pretty much cleared away the fallen Autumn leaves from the front of Mrs. Parson’s early 20th century house. Actually those same winds just about blew the lens cap out of my hand a few time while I was taking pictures of her former residence. Anyway with the sunshine being fairly intense during those first few hours after sunrise I was more interested in the shaded effect that it was providing for across the front yards on this particular Historic District street.

In the picture above one can see that the front yard is completely shaded along with the neighboring parking pad. The wood shingle or shake facade of the house, also well shaded, conveyed its grey hues quite nicely while the low white picket fence brought a bit of definition to the property.

As to the house itself documents indicate that it was built for a Mrs. Laura Harris in 1907 or so, who later remarried hence the moniker of the Laura Harris Parsons House, and has been referred to as being of an American Queen Anne design with Shingle style attributes. While its high peaked front gable is certainly an aspect of the former the preponderance of shingles across its facade and sides might influence one to classify it more so as the latter. Also a design feature not visible, due to the tree branches obscuring the front facade above the porch, is a two bay wide Gambrel roof often associated with the Colonial Revival school of architecture.

Have a great day and remember that Midnight Madness takes place tonight in the City so if you are mostly an online shopper these day why not come downtown for a bit of holiday ambiance anyway,


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Morning Shade Across The Front Of The 1907 Laura Harris Parsons House
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Morning Shade Across The Front Of The 1907 Laura Harris Parsons House
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