Annapolis Maryland Blog Photograph – A Look at a Few More Holiday Decorations During a Noontime Walk – Sunday December 27th 2015

Maryland Avenue & East Street

After waiting patiently throughout the morning for the arrival of sunny skies it became apparent the chances of that happening were not good, at least in the time frame necessary to post today’s feature picture. As an aside I had received a couple of messages over the last few days asking why I did not take pictures of two well known Annapolis 18th century houses and their respective Christmas decorations. So I decided not wait any longer and set off on my daily walk to take pictures of both historical buildings along with anything else that caught my eye.

In any event today’s post will conclude this year’s presentation of Christmas themed pictures of Annapolis and I hope that you have enjoyed seeing Maryland’s Capital City on the Chesapeake Bay decked out for the holidays.

Click on any of the individual pictures below to view an enlarged version.


Doors of the Hammond Harwood House Adorn With Christmas Holiday Wreaths in Annapolis Maryland December 27th 2015

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Certainly one of the more requested pictures that I’m asked to post each year is one featuring the holiday wreaths adorning the main doors at the Hammond Harwood House on Maryland Avenue. At times referred to as having the most elegant doorway in America the craftsmanship of the carvings set over the arch shape transom along with those on its upper door frame, both of which are set beneath a classical looking dentil accented pediment, projects an almost temple like ambiance outward to the sidewalk.

Each holiday season one can find this well known City landmark decorated just as it is today with proportionally size wreaths hung on its double entrance doors as well as on the building’s north and south hyphens doors as well, one of which has been featured on a recent blog post.


Christmas Accents on the 1870s Colburn and 1850s Branzell Houses on East Street in Annapolis Maryland December 27th 2015

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These two 18th century Federal style frame houses on East Street have been featured on one or two previous blog posts over the years, though today’s picture presents them decorated with holiday garland framing their respective doors, just as the sun attempts to break through the clouds.

On the left side is the 1870’s Margaret Colburn House with its facade taking on a more golden yellow hue than it actually has, where on the right is the 1850’s George Branzell House that three or four years ago had wheat colored siding with brick red shutters.


A Proliferation of Bricks and a Christmas Holiday Wreath on the East side of the 18th Century Brice House in Annapolis Maryland December 27th 2015

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The 18th century Brice House on East Street was one of the other requested buildings that blog readers wanted to see in this year’s holiday photo presentations. With the proper amount of sunshine lacking at the time I opted to present a view taken from the east sidewalk of the Brice House’s formal entrance door along with its steps and landing set against both upper and lower brick walls. Oh yes let’s not forget about the single holiday wreath on the landings banister.

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2015 Christmas Holiday Ambiance at the Brice House and Hammond Harwood House
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2015 Christmas Holiday Ambiance at the Brice House and Hammond Harwood House
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