Annapolis Maryland Blog Photograph – Artistic Influenced Millwork and the Simple Colors of an Eastlake Style Porch – Wednesday January 13th 2016

Late Victorian Queen Anne

A View Across an Eastlake School Style Porch in the Eastport District of Annapolis Maryland January 13th 2016

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Certainly unique in the Eastport District of Annapolis is this, what I believe to be, Eastlake influenced porch. Considered to be a subset of late Victorian era Queen Anne architecture the Eastlake style often features artistically conceived exterior millwork accents – think gingerbread like, painted in subdued or distinctive period colors.

Featured above is the front porch of a 1920 Eastport house as viewed from the far side of the property. Note the two distinctive shapes of the millwork incorporated into each porch column, especially the center one with its banded or ring like details. The scroll pattern brackets set in the upper corners of the porch attest to the craftsmanship that went into its design and construction.

Finally the house and porch exhibit a visual simplicity by the use of just three base colors, with the two shades of teal serving to accent the building’s overall architectural trim.

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A View Across An Early 20th Century Eastport Victorian Eastlake School Style Porch
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A View Across An Early 20th Century Eastport Victorian Eastlake School Style Porch
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