Annapolis Maryland Blog Photograph – The Crew of a J/80 One Design Heads Out On A Winter Morning – Saturday February 20th 2016

Overcast Skies on Back Creek

A J/80 and Crew Heading Out Back Creek On A Winter Morning in Annapolis Maryland February 20th 2016

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Even on a day when the temperature is approaching 50 degrees, discounting the wind chill and 10+ knot winds so far today, any crew venturing out for a sail during the wintertime speaks to the reputation Annapolis has for being America’s Sailing Capital.

Today’s featured photograph is of a J/80 and its crew underway on upper Back Creek during the latter part of the morning.

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A J/80 and Crew Heads Out Back Creek on a Winter Morning
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A J/80 and Crew Heads Out Back Creek on a Winter Morning
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