Annapolis Maryland Blog Photograph – 19th Century American Queen Anne Style Oriel Window Set Beneath an Ornate Gable – Tuesday March 1st 2016

The Sun Emerges From Behind a Gable

An 1887 American Queen Anne Style Oriel Window Set Beneath A Gable End in Annapolis Maryland March 1st 2016

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There are quite a few architectural and detail elements visible on today’s Annapolis photograph of the day beginning with the building’s overall American Queen Anne and Eastlake Movement style. The house itself was built in 1887 for a gentleman on staff at the US Naval Academy and served as a residence for he and his family until 1920.

Quite captivating in its overall appearance it was the sight of the morning sun rising behind the front gable that was attention getting as it accented the ornate trim set on both sides, as well as above, the second story Oriel window. In addition the yellow colored wood cove shingles on both the first story facade and adjacent second and third story turret, along with the group of flesh color ones on the gable end, contributes to its notable presence and visual appeal even from the street.

Another aspect of this bay window and gable setting that one could be drawn to is how the bottom of the gable appears to be supported by the top of the Oriel window through the original builder’s use of two flanking ornate knee brackets. They are certainly more decorative than practical in nature yet quite eye catching overall.

Oh as an aside as recently as the early 1990’s the entire house, including all sides and its porch, were painted white and not in the Victorian style colors visible on it today.

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1887 Queen Anne Style Oriel Window Set Beneath an Ornate Gable End
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1887 Queen Anne Style Oriel Window Set Beneath an Ornate Gable End
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