Annapolis Maryland Blog Photograph – A Seemingly Rain Soaked 1890’s Shingle Style House in the Historic District – Tuesday March 15th 2016

Gable Ends on a Slate Roof

An 1890's Shingle Style House in the Annapolis Maryland Historic District March 15th 2016

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This relatively large 1890’s Shingle style house is located about halfway between the Maryland State House and St. John’s College along a relatively short street in Annapolis Maryland. The home of a former City mayor its rain soaked wooden shingle shakes exhibit more of a brownish, than normally honey hued, appearance after an earlier rain while the house’s slate roof seems like it is still wet.

As an aside both neighboring houses are also representative of the same period of Shingle style construction, popular in the City during the late 19th century and often found throughout the Historic District today.

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An 1890’s Shingle Style House on North Street in the Historic District
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An 1890’s Shingle Style House on North Street in the Historic District
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