Annapolis Maryland Blog Photograph – Taking Time Out for a Quick Pint or Two on St. Patrick’s Day – Thursday March 17th 2016

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

A St. Patrick's Day Tradition at Galway Bay on Maryland Avenue in Annapolis Maryland March 17th 2016

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Wow we have certainly been blessed with great weather here in Annapolis on St. Patrick’s Day for the blue skies and very pleasant temperatures have been making my holiday pub walk a most enjoyable experience. After having started the day with a quite tasty bangers and eggs breakfast, with Irish Coffee of course, the balance of my morning was spent taking pictures in the downtown area while getting in a bit of people watching.

Annapolis is very fortunate to have a couple of great traditional Irish pubs, of which I previously availed myself of one at breakfast. Now early in the afternoon it seems that both locals and visitors alike are congregating at them while dressed in an assortment of green beaded necklaces, t-shirts featuring shamrocks, leprechauns as well as Irish flags and also those green plastic bowler style hats. Yes the St. Patrick’s Day festivities are certainly well underway in the City just past lunchtime.

While walking behind one particular group of holiday revelers on Maryland Avenue I opted to stop at Galway Bay for a pint of Guinness, as well as listen to a bit of live Irish music before heading back to the office to compose today’s blog post. After a couple of pints, yes I know that’s more than one, and spending the better part of an hour listening to a pretty cool Irish band I once again was crawling so too speak.

So now with today’s post updated its time to return to my pub crawl for there surely is a plate of Corned Beef and Cabbage out there with my name on it for a mid day meal, oh and hopefully a piece of Irish Soda bread to go with it and yes another wee pint of Guinness as well.

Have both an enjoyable as well as safe St. Patrick’s Day everyone,


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Galway Bay Sign and Irish Flag on Maryland Avenue St. Patrick’s Day
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Galway Bay Sign and Irish Flag on Maryland Avenue St. Patrick’s Day
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