Annapolis Maryland Blog Photograph • A Magnolia Tree and Polygonal Brick Bay in the Morning Shade • Friday March 18th 2016

Hammond-Harwood House • West Wing

A Southern Magnolia Tree Adjacent to the West Wing Polygonal Bay at the Hammond-Harwood House Early in the Morning Annapolis Maryland March 18th 2016

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It was the proximity of this possible Southern Magnolia tree adjacent to the polygonal shaped west wing bay of the Hammond-Harwood House in the mid morning shade that first caught my attention. Additionally I happen to find the year round green Magnolia leaves more pleasant looking than the barren branches of Oak, Elm and Hickory trees often seen in Annapolis during the Winter. Perhaps it is also a reason for Magnolia and Spruce trees often being planted in the yards of various notable and historical 18th century houses in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions.

As an aside the term polygonal refers to the shape of the brick bay wing end featured above while the Southern Magnolia tree is at times referred to as a bull-bay Magnolia. The incorporation of multi-sided bays into the Hammond-Harwood House’s design, on both the East and West wings, was the work of noted Colonial architect William Buckland in the 1770’s where as the placement of this particular tree took place in the 20th century for a Magnolia tree normally lives for 70 to 100 years. I will need to examine both early 20th and late 19th century photos of this historic house in order to see if other Magnolia trees occupied the same location as the current one does.

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A Magnolia Tree Adjacent to the Bay End of the Hammond-Harwood House West Wing
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A Magnolia Tree Adjacent to the Bay End of the Hammond-Harwood House West Wing
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