Annapolis Maryland Blog Photograph • Its Time Once Again for the Annual US Naval Academy vs. St. John’s College Croquet Match • Saturday April 16th 2016

34th Annapolis Cup

Midshipman Planning Their Strategy at the Annual Annapolis Cup Croquet Match at St Johns College in Annapolis Maryland April 16th 2016

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Later today the 34th Annapolis Cup will take place on the campus of St. John’s College here in Annapolis. During this annual event thousands of people gather on the campus lawn to watch midshipman from the US Naval Academy take on the Johnnies of St. John’s College in a traditional Victorian era sport – that of croquet. Groups of men, women and children as well as pets in a few cases, will be seen attired in their late 19th century era vintage clothing making it one of the premier Annapolis people watching events of the year.

If you plan on attending this year’s Annapolis Cup please keep a few things in mind. First in 2016, like the last two years I believe, attendees are not permitted to bring alcoholic drinks on campus, however beer and wine will be available for purchase via a ticket system. Second live on campus Johnnies you can’t bring those couches or chairs from your dorm rooms on to the lawn for a more comfortable viewing experience – actually I liked the ambiance that those worn out looking couches added along the edges of the croquet fields. Finally parking spots are quite difficult to find on the day of this event, especially if one will be arriving either late in the morning or early in the afternoon. BTW the State Parking Garage on St. John’s Street usually fills up by midmorning so the Calvert Street Garage off West Street might be a better choice, however it too has a limited capacity.

Have a great time at the match and I hope to see you on the lawn,


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34th Annapolis Cup US Naval Academy vs. St. John’s College Croquet Match
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34th Annapolis Cup US Naval Academy vs. St. John’s College Croquet Match
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