Annapolis Maryland Blog Photograph • C1840 Greek Revival Former Johnson’s on the Avenue Building on State Circle • Tuesday November 1st 2016

A Multitude of Tenants Over the Last 150 Years

A c1840 Greek Revival Commercial Building at the Corner of Maryland Avenue and State Circle in Annapolis Maryland November 1st 2016

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Earlier in the morning I found myself afforded an unobstructed perspective of the corner of Maryland Avenue and State Circle in the Annapolis Historic District that I simply could not pass by without taking a photograph or two. This corner I’m sure is easily recognizable to most City residents and visitors alike but for those who are not this is the old Johnson’s on the Avenue building located between Harry Browne’s Restaurant – to its immediate right, and the top of the Maryland Avenue on the left. The building’s State Circle facade faces the Maryland State House located across the street.

This c1840 Greek Revival style building has been known for the last 80 years or so as the Johnson’s on the Avenue Haberdashery and Uniforms shop that opened in the 1930’s and closed in January of 2008. After the store’s closing the retail space remained empty for a few years before eventually reopening as an fashion accessory store and later by a couple of jewelry shops, of which Cezanne is its most recent tenant. In addition to the ground floor retail space the building also features professional offices for lease on both the first and second floors.

As an aside both from a historical, as well as a chronological tenant history, the lot on which the building is located on was originally part of the Governor Calvert estate dating back to the mid 1700s. Today the Governor Calvert House Inn offers accommodations for travelers to Annapolis and itself is located just over on State Circle about 100 feet or so on the right.

The following is a chronological building usage and tenant list dating from the 19th century:

• grocery store and/or market (1870s and 1900s)

• meeting hall (owned at the time by the Sons of Temperance organization – late 1800s to early 1900s)

• YMCA (early 1900s)

• photography studio (1910s, 1920s and 1950s)

• Christian Science Reading Room (1920s)

• C A Howard Plumbing (1920s)

• J A Welch Tailoring (1920s)

• Board of Education offices (1920s)

• Johnson’s Haberdashery and Uniforms Shop (1930s to 2008)

• Metropolitan Life Insurance offices (late 1940s and 1950s)

• Cezanne Jewelers (since 2016)

As one can see from this list of tenants the building has served for a wide variety of business uses over the last century and a half at its prominent location on the corner of Maryland Avenue and State Circle.

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