Annapolis Maryland Blog Photograph • A Picturesque Maryland State House Winter Morning Skyline • Wednesday January 11th 2017

Rising Above the Rooftops

A Picturesque Maryland State House Winter Morning Skyline in Annapolis January 11th 2017

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Today January 11th 2017 the General Assembly of the State of Maryland convenes for its 427th session here in Annapolis. Members of the House and Senate, representing each district in the State, have met in this Georgian style building on State Circle since its completion in 1797.

The current Maryland State House is actually the third such one with the first State House having been built in the late 1690s, that unfortunately was destroyed by a fire in 1704. The second State House was completed in 1709 and would stand for more than 60 years before it was demolished due to its size constraints and a growing legislative body of the period.

My photograph today was taken so as to convey the prominent role that the Maryland State House plays along the City of Annapolis skyline, as seen across the rooftops stretching from the City Dock to State Circle.

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A Picturesque Maryland State House Winter Morning Skyline
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A Picturesque Maryland State House Winter Morning Skyline
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