Annapolis Maryland Blog Photograph • Mooring Buoys and Transient Sailboat Reflections at Sunrise • Wednesday July 19th 2017

Taking Photos with his Camera Phone from the Bow

Mooring Buoys and Transient Sailboat Reflections at Sunrise Off Shipwright Street in Annapolis Maryland July 19th 2017

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A couple of things about today’s featured photograph with the first one being it is presented as is and without any post processing enhancements, although I did crop off 10 percent of the left side of the photograph for reasons of overall size. This disclaimer is being included due to the level of clarity and/or depth of color the photograph possesses. Since my creative work is not based on multi layered images or post processing enhancement techniques I like to assure a viewer of the realistic composition of a photograph.

So was the case with this photograph for the mooring buoys, along with the transient sailboat from Rock Hall, reflections on the waters off nearby Shipwright Street appeared a bit surreal, perhaps having been influenced by today’s Annapolis sunrise.

One additional detail to note is that visible in the lower center part of the photograph is a reflection of the crew member standing on the sailboat’s port side bow, to the right of the mooring buoys, that depicts him using a camera phone to take a picture of the sunrise breaking over the harbor in front of him.

A reminder to be careful spending time outside today and to stay well hydrated,


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Mooring Buoys and Transient Sailboat Reflections at Sunrise
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Mooring Buoys and Transient Sailboat Reflections at Sunrise
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