Annapolis Maryland Blog Photograph • Flowers and Chimneys Accent the C1735 Treasury Building Early in the Morning • Friday July 21st 2017

Oldest Public Building in the State of Maryland

Flowers and Chimneys Accent the C1735 Treasury Building Early in the Morning Annapolis Maryland July 21st 2017

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While often overlooked by both out of town visitors and locals alike, what with its architectural larger yet younger brother the Maryland State House seen just to the west, the circa 1735 Old Treasury Building is my favorite historical Annapolis site to visit, especially early on a summer morning I might add. Yes it is during the early morning hours when vehicle traffic around State Circle is for the most part non-existent while the State House maintenance staff has not yet begun their day leaving the grounds to the occasional walker, runner or even a photographer.

Seemingly small not only in its stature, but overall footprint as well, the 18th century Georgian style Old Treasury Building was designed reflecting a cross like pattern with its longest length set in a south and north direction while either end features a single flue brick chimney. In addition and certainly not visible from the exterior, nor even implied by its pitched roof, the interior ceiling of the building is of a vaulted shape while the inside open space represents a simple functional style with a minimum of detailed millwork.

Early this morning I found myself taking in the colorful flower beds set along the north and east sides of the building, thank goodness for the ground’s sprinkler system that had only recently finished its early hour watering cycle, while the surrounding grasses were of a lush and green appearance, surprisingly more so given the hot and humid weather of late.

A couple of further observations from my visit this morning include the lone chimney stack set above the north wing roofline of the Maryland State House seen in the upper left, while to the upper right of the Old Treasury Building one can discern the two multi flue American Queen Anne influenced brick chimneys of the c1878 Alexander Randall House located to the north side of State Circle.

All in all the early morning light, along with the then relatively moderate temperatures, provided for a nice setting in which to visually document this 282 year old historical building in the Historic District today.

Please be careful spending time outside this afternoon and remember to drink plenty of water,


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Flowers and Chimneys Accent the C1735 Treasury Building Early in the Morning
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Flowers and Chimneys Accent the C1735 Treasury Building Early in the Morning
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