Annapolis Maryland Blog Photograph • Circa 1723 Shiplap House on an Overcast Summer Morning • Saturday August 12th 2017

Depicting its Fairly Recent Painted Exterior

Circa 1723 Shiplap House on an Overcast Summer Morning in Annapolis Maryland August 12th 2017

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With a busy schedule to adhere to that would begin at 9 am I set off early in the morning with no particular destination in mind to take a photograph or two knowing that I would not be able to post it until later in the afternoon. After procuring a cup of coffee on Market Space I decided to take a stroll up Pinkney Street in the Historic District while letting my eye wander about along the way.

Passing by the c1723 Shiplap House I almost immediately took note of the absence of parked vehicles along its west side parking lot and decided to accept a long standing challenge of taking a photograph of the building’s front while at the same time minimizing its unsightly visual clutter. What I mean by that is for anyone who has made their way up Pinkney Street the noticeable presence of utility poles and wires decapitating if you would the building’s facade makes a front facing photograph of this Annapolis landmark difficult to say the least.

Having made my way back and forth along the southwest street side of the building I was finally able to settle into a location from which to take today’s photograph while minimizing those afore mentioned visual distractions. With a few adjustments afterwards while also having accepted the fact that this left to right perspective was the only viable location from which to take a photograph from I pressed the shutter release a couple of times and then proceeded about my way.

Later as I was preparing to upload those two photographs from the camera as it neared 3 pm this afternoon I was quite curious as to just how they were going to turnout for I have been disappointed many times over the years attempting to do the same thing. So with a sunny sky visible outside my studio window I experienced a certain sense of relief when this photograph came to be displayed on my computer screen.

While I will always want to be able to take a better photograph of the Shiplap House, such as under better lighting conditions for example, I am fairly content with this one indeed.

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Circa 1723 Shiplap House on an Overcast Summer Morning
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Circa 1723 Shiplap House on an Overcast Summer Morning
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2 comments to Annapolis Maryland Blog Photograph • Circa 1723 Shiplap House on an Overcast Summer Morning • Saturday August 12th 2017

  • Jason Hinsch..


    I’d like to use one of your photographs in a mailer. Please give me a call at your convenience.

    Jason Hinsch | Curtis Stokes & Associates

    • anpbaystate


      Your email was deposited into my junk folder for some reason in any event yes I know the photograph that you are referencing of the Shiplap House. If you could provide me with the specifications and format of the photograph that you require along with the organization that will be distributing the mailer I can then provide you with the costs and terms associated with its use.


      Glenn Gibson

      p.s. you asked me to give you a call however I did not see a phone number included in your message

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